Memento | Allison

A beautiful stranger has agreed to adore me with her presence.
Vibrant and free of negative energy,
indeed a sense of relief for both parties.
Hardly any conversation or face-to-face prior to…
This would be a delightful encounter.

My eye wondered. Her frame with a glow of soft; petite.
Smiling with red lips.
The care-free spirit presenting herself, as cool as a summer breeze.
Very pleased, I was for this opportunity.
Noticing her simple expressions and observations with face beguiling.

Long brunette crown…
Such a darling figure, she was.
So calm and woman-like.
Guaranteed, her passings cause stiffness with every turn.

There is a silence there one must appreciate.
Her body dancing in stillness with each capture.
Her skin shining rays of kindness.
She is indeed, sexy; quality.

A yearn to embrace from afar once more.
For an attractive challenge she provides me.
She is a step away from the normal.
Formal in every way, her delivery.

…Such a joy to photograph Ms. Brown.

J | V



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