[Who am I?]

I’m Jeraud Craig. Born and raised in Selma, Alabama. I joined the Marine Corps immediately following high school. I moved to Seattle, Washington in 2002 and have resided here ever since.

[What’s your brand/specialty?]

Here’s a little summary of how I decided on the name of my brand. I’d say for almost a year I couldn’t figure out a name which represented me best. Going around in circles trying to figure this out, one day I stumbled across the word “Verseau” while doing some research. Curious, I found out the origin & meaning of the word – “The Aquarius”. Being that I’m an Aquarian, it was in this moment Verseau Photography was born.

My primary focus is monochrome & sensual/nude photography. I’ve always been drawn to black & white imagery versus color. Color to me provides too much of a distraction and the image’s raw & authentic expression ends up being lost. This is why I practice shooting primarily in Monochrome. It is a practice I desire to constantly improve. My secondary focus includes architectural, cityscape and event-related photography.

When it comes to words like Sensual, Nude and Boudoir, it seems as though we as a society have become accustomed to placing these terms in a negative and distasteful category. I’m a firm believer of there being nothing negative or distasteful in the expression as well as exposure of beauty. One of the reasons I began initially with nude photography; it provided a means not only for me to challenge myself by doing something different but discover there being a confidence & boldness to be appreciated within the misunderstanding of boudoir, sensual and nude portraiture.

[Why Photography?]

Before photography, my work experience was in the fields of office administration & customer service. Life became too repetitive and I felt as though I wasn’t doing what I really wanted to pursue. I needed a change & photography naturally became that change which allowed me to rediscover my creative self and brought me back to a place of being a happy soul.

[My Intentions?]

I want to use this craft as a means to help others better discover, or in some cases, rediscover & embrace the fact… we are all beautiful. We all possess the power to express ourselves. Photography has become one means of my creative expression and I wish to share it with you.

[How can you schedule a session?]

For details regarding rates and availability, I can easily be reached by email, text, or phone.

#: 206.388.8236

[In Closing]

I thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my page. And remember – Your happiness, is a constant work in progress. Whatever passion your possess, I invite you to pursue it as I have. A last thought I will add – ¬†With the pursuit of happiness comes struggle. And in that struggle, you come to a place of realizing nothing can stop you from reaching any goal you’ve set for yourself. Remember to always be sincere with your heart and you’ll discover freedom as I have.

Peace and Love,


J | V




One comment

  1. Eve's Red October says:

    Each friend represents the world in us differently, a world possibly not born until they arrive at your life, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.Truly honored to know your brilliant work. Keep going and never look back unless there is a view you must photograph.
    Your biggest Fan. Eve

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